Business acquisition in the SME setting

The motives for an acquisition are always defined and coordinated in close cooperation with our clients. Before a suitable target company can be identified, first the focus of the search must be brought into line with the acquisition and expansion strategy. Thanks to our in-house research and our international network, our search capabilities are extensive.

Only once the willingness to sell or enter into a cooperation arrangement has been clarified does Promecon take further steps involving confidentiality agreements. With our professional and discreet approach, we have already facilitated successful transactions for our clients in a wide variety of sectors.

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Our advisory services at a glance:

  • advising in determining the acquisitions/expansion strategy
  • developing, updating and reviewing a list of potential target companies and contacting these in consultation with you
  • identifying interest in sale/cooperation and introduction of confidentiality agreements
  • reviewing corporate and financial information received
  • initiating discussions with shareholders and management at the target company
  • identifying a purchase-price range and formulating an indicative offer
  • conducting due diligence and assessing potential opportunities and risks
  • conducting purchase-agreement negotiations and providing advice on financing