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  • M&A Advisory

    Our experience saves you time and money.

    An acquisition attempt, or a sell-side/divestment request, only becomes a contractual mandate for us if the inquiry is likely to lead to a successful transaction.

    A company’s continuation must not depend solely on its owner’s personal relationships. The company must continue to be productive after a buyer or investor has been thoroughly integrated. The economic and legal conditions are in good order.

    We guarantee fairness and openness as principles of cooperation based on a spirit of trust. We also expect these qualities from our clients.

    Once these conditions are successfully fulfilled, we will be pleased to explain our concepts for successful mutual cooperation.

    We set the right course.

    Discretion and protection of our clients’ anonymity are a paramount principle for our advisory services.

    With an initial, non-binding consultation at your premises or in our offices, we can get acquainted and define a systematic plan of action tailored to your wishes. Based on the information you initially provide, and on our questions and experience, during this first meeting we can often assess the likelihood of successful placement and show you the advantages of cooperation with our firm.

    Before a contract is signed, we will explain our framework conditions appropriate to the task at hand.

    Right from the start of our cooperation, you will see how we drive purchase, sale and investment success, step by step.

    We have the right connections.

    Suitable potential buyers or target companies are identified in light of the requirements or offer profile involved.

    We make our selection based on comparisons and audits. We use not only our database of up-to-date sale and search mandates but also our superb network of contacts within the DACH region.

    At our clients’ request, in individual cases we will also provide external expertise. Thanks to our cooperation with tax advisors, auditors, attorneys, notaries and experts on movables and real estate, as well as our contacts with banks, financing institutions and private equity firms, we offer professional handling based in a spirit of trust here as well.

    Cooperation with our clients’ previous advisors is a matter of course and does not hamper our involvement in any way.

    Our strategy leads to your success. Step by step.

    Every advisory mandate is unique and has special features. This fact is demonstrated alone through the existence of many different sizes and types of company. It is obligatory to perform an individual situation analysis of the company to be purchased or sold.

    An important result of this analysis is a draft of a meaningful company exposé or information memorandum.

    For your security, and to protect your company, specific company information will only be passed on to potential interested parties only once a written, countersigned confidentiality statement has been received from the interested party and you have given us your permission to pass information along to this party. We also ensure that our advisory and office staff are held to strict confidentiality concerning all information about our clients.

    We also wish to highlight our proven strategy of credit checks of interested parties in individual cases, where this is permissible under applicable privacy regulations. This prevents time-consuming and inefficient discussions for us and our clients. We focus on consultations with genuine potential interested parties, which will produce concrete results.

    You can count on us.

    The highest possible selling price, lowest possible purchase price, current enterprise value and sustained net value are factors which must be handled professionally.

    The prime condition for ensuring a successful outcome to negotiations is thus a company valuation that takes all aspects into account.

    In our experience, attempts are often made to trim the purchase price and boost the selling price. A well-founded company valuation safeguards your negotiating position. Different methods can be used that analyze and process specific company figures from the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, current business valuations, market-potential analyses, etc. Future prospects and special features of the company can also be taken into account if these are already known and can be sufficiently estimated.

    We are aware of these valuation methods but do not favor lengthy descriptions of the respective procedures involved. Instead, we will meet with you to discuss accepted and suitable methods for your company.

    To hedge sweeping decision-making, we offer you a fairness opinion. This is an instrument suited to independent and objective appraisal of the reasonableness of the transaction price.

    When you work with us, the main benefit to you is undoubtedly the attainment of the best possible results.

    About us.

    Because we are not an auditing or law firm, we do not provide any legal or tax advice. We recommend that you contact your advisors regarding these issues.

    On request, you are welcome to enlist the top-flight legal and tax expertise of our cooperation partners.

    The benefits to you when cooperating with us:

    • personal and expert advisory service offered exclusively through to conclusion
    • long experience and high methods expertise based on more than 150 transactions
    • strategic approach and prompt results
    • extensive sector knowledge and excellent contacts to decision-makers
    • specialized in synergetic transactions among SMEs
    • independent and objective assessment of the appropriateness of the transaction price
    • discreet, trustworthy and entrepreneurially implementation-oriented
    • appropriate conditions for commissions geared primarily to success

    Use the communication channels shown to make initial contact.
    We are ready.

    Private Equity & Venture Capital

    We link capital and innovations.

    The concept:

    In this day and age, discoveries, innovations and technical advances occur at a rapid pace. SMEs in particular are forging new structures, creating jobs, developing technological quantum leaps and providing the driving force behind our society.

    The question of the Old vs. New Economy is irrelevant compared with the question of the viability of the business concept. Ideas have only ever been turned into innovations through the use of capital.

    Venture capital is now the intelligent way to shape the future. It means growth for innovative companies and yields for forward-looking investors. Debt capital is often not accessible. Private Equity or Venture Capital contains capital participations by private individuals within a primarily restricted framework, as well as exorbitant, guarantee-free injections of capital by internationally operating investment firms with corresponding rights and obligations. These firms then enter into a “temporary marriage” with the borrower. Co-investments may be available as well.

    Promecon acts as a competent go-between for companies, operating between parties seeking capital and capital providers; it also brings the partners together.

    Equity Investments, Venture Capital.

    The objective:

    Selected private investors, investment and venture capital firms, and innovative entrepreneurs are the business partners in our network. The monetary objectives of our clients are the targets we strictly observe when establishing contacts and conducting negotiations. Results: higher return on equity, lower capital costs, improved balance sheet structure and preparation for an IPO.

    Detailed information on clients is passed on only following signature of detailed declarations of confidentiality.

    We convene people who want to participate in one another’s success and create added value in the process. This is a win-win strategy that benefits all stakeholders.

    The service:

    We provide valuable contacts for our clients and create a partnership in a spirit of trust between the client and investor with considerable potentials. We build on convincing business concepts put forward by our clients. Based on these concepts, we prepare professional information memorandums, executive summaries and business plans that form the foundation for successful injections of capital.

    Use the communication channels shown to make initial contact.
    We are ready.