Business sale in the SME setting

The basis for any successful sale is the awareness that every company has its own, very special value. A company’s development and its employees form the foundation and potential for future successes. All of this bears the signature of its entrepreneur, particularly in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The expectations of a professional M&A advisory firm are reflected in these kinds of individual company structures. An in-depth grasp of the individual value of a company, coupled with a holistic approach to strategy, is indispensable to optimal achievement of goals.

Another key role is played by the best possible buyer – who must be identified. In the end, the deal does not automatically go to the party offering the highest purchase price, but ideally also to whoever can demonstrate the best strategic fit from the company’s point of view.

Since our foundation in 1991, we have defined ourselves as a dependable and discreet partner, acting consistently in the best interests of our clients. Our international network – consisting of renowned consulting firms, banks, investment firms and law firms – offers you additional added value.

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Our advisory services at a glance:

  • offering advice in the preparation of the company for sale, identifying engagement-relevant aspects
  • drawing up an information memorandum/exposé, assisting with preparation of a management presentation and distributing these documents to potential purchasers
  • developing, updating and reviewing a list of potential purchasers and contacting these in consultation with you
  • advising on the strategy, tactics and conduct of a response to one or more offers
  • advising on the assessment and strategic fit of any proposals or offers
  • obtaining Letters of Intent
  • setting up a data room for due diligence
  • assisting with coordination of the due diligence investigations by potential buyers
  • assisting with discussions with offerors and their advisers in connection with the transaction, and, together with your other professional advisers, negotiating the terms of the transaction on your behalf