Benchmarks are key factors, or basic criteria to maximize the chances of selling your company successfully.

Here is a brief overview:

Criteria Negative situation Positive situation
Age of entrepreneur above 65 years 40-60 years
Reasons for the transfer economic situation, health planned sale, planned business succession
Pension benefit based-execlusively on business profit independent of business
Long-term strategy of the company not defined relevant strategy and market positioning are specified
Investment for the future only the most necessary replacement investments in the past years investments in buildings, machines, equipment, new markets
Employee qualifications qualified for current work oriented toward the future of the industry
Information source only tax consultant M&A advisor, tax consultant, attorney
Search for the successor, buyer only in the immediate vicinity, only one medium used Mandate with a nationally and internationally operating M&A advisory firm
Support in determining the firm value only one institution M&A advisor, tax consultant and auditor
Leeway for price reduction not defined defined, purchase-price corridor
Type of transfer fixed to a certain type variable, goal win-win situation
Great significance of fiscal aspects yes no, but determined by the individual case, not main target
Payment type only single payment possible other payment types are possible
Information about the transfer publicly known only to the parties directly involved and their advisors
Work with the successor only for a short time over several months, consulting agreement
Support during business transfer only by one institution, e.g. tax consultant also by several expert advisors, post-merger support
Scheduling the company transfer
First considerations less than 2 years 5 years
Concrete planning less than 3 months 6 months - 2 years