Business succession for SMEs

The majority of our mandates revolve around family-run businesses or shareholder-owned companies in the small and medium-sized enterprise setting. As we have learned from many years of experience in an environment with a lack of intra-family successors, as well as forthcoming and for the most part inevitable succession processes, we know which solutions can lead to success.

Family businesses are particularly attractive to strategic buyers and investors, as they often represent the best possible contrast to corporate groups driven by shareholder value. Owners who manage their own company tend to have a longer-term management perspective and avoid decisions that only increase profit in the short term while harming their company in the long run.

Taking into account all aspects relevant to the mandate – from the law of inheritance and financial considerations to considerations of tax and corporate law – we develop the process strategy and transaction structure that best fits the situation at hand. The focus is not only on identifying the right buyer but also on taking the various constellations of interests of all stakeholders into account. We view ourselves as a dependable and discreet partner, acting consistently in the best interests of our clients.

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